Friday, 27 May 2011

Terence Blacker: Standing up for rabbits' rights

The Independent, 27 May 2011

"You might be slightly hazy as to Rabbit Awareness Week's specific aims. Rabbits are, apparently, the third most-popular pet in Britain – there are about two million in cages and hutches across the country. Around three out of four, the RSPCA reports, are seriously maltreated. Pet shops sell them as commodities. They are given to children, often with less thought than the acquisition of a computer game. They are subsequently underfed or misfed, kept in cramped, disgusting conditions. Vets report than no pets are so casually ignored and mistreated. The RSPCA has rescued 33,000 of the luckless creatures over the past three years."

Following recent radio interviews where BBC presenters have thought it funny to suggest pet rabbits are devoured,  this come as a pleasant surprise....

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