Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Rabbit ripper shocks Germany

There used to be a rabbit hutch, too, at the end of the garden. But not any more. "One morning, when I came out to feed my rabbits, I was surprised to see that the hutch door was open," recalls Elfriede.
BBC News channel

Deadly discovery
It is one of the most shocking cases of animal cruelty that Germans can remember. "I would never expect something to happen here," says Elfriede's granddaughter, Sabrina.  "This place is so quiet. You can leave your car open and everything's fine. Yet there are people who murder rabbits!"  Sabrina tells me about another incident. She says dead rabbits were discovered in the sandpit of a local school.  "The rabbits were there without any heads and the children found them in the morning while playing in the playground. That's even more horrible than finding them in your own garden." 

Down at the police station, officer Volker Schuette shows me disturbing photographs of headless pet rabbits. A gruesome pattern is emerging.

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