Monday, 18 April 2011

The reality of Easter bunnies

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"Every year, around Easter time, ignorant parents buy baby bunnies for their children from a pet store / breeder. Many are dumped within a year at parks, schools, neighborhood, etc. "thinking" that they are better off being "dumped" at those locations, rather than at a shelter. However, that is untrue. Numerous bunnies become food for raccoons and hawks, some starve to death due to lack of food. So this Easter, if you REALLY want a rabbit, PLEASE GO TO A LOCAL SHELTER!!!! In the long run, adopting a shelter bunny is cheaper than buying a rabbit. :)"

Sunday, 17 April 2011

BUAV The Ugly Truth - Uncovered

*The following link contains distressing information, images and video footage* 

A major BUAV undercover investigation exposes the reality of life and death inside one UK laboratory

The story is followed up in the Sunday Mirror  17/4/11

"In November 2010, the UK Home Office released a report on Wickham Laboratories, Hampshire, which substantiated many of the findings of the BUAV's 2009 undercover investigation, The Ugly Truth.The BUAV's investigator worked undercover for eight months at Wickham Laboratories and secretly filmed the treatment of animals inside the facility.

Following our revelations, the Home Office report found breaches to the animal testing licenses issued to the company and infringement proceedings are being considered against it.

The report's key findings include:
  • Mice routinely died in cruel poisoning tests rather than being “humanely” killed by staff – a clear breach in the institution’s Government project license;
  • Staff incompetence in the way mice were killed led to their suffering – including the practice of neck breaking with a pen on the corridor floor; 
  •  Key staff did not carry out their legal responsibilities under the Animals Scientific Procedures Act, including the Named Veterinary Surgeon not ensuring rabbit welfare; 
  • Staff training in the monitoring and killing of animals was poor;
  • There was a lack of enforcement of available non-animal alternatives."

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

UK -The Make Mine Chocolate! Rabbit Sale Easter Amnesty

The MMC Easter Amnesty

"The Sad Fact ...

In the weeks and months after Easter, already overcrowded rescue shelters are inundated with calls from owners wishing to offload their rabbit because the child has lost interest, and the reality of cleaning, feeding and expensive vet trips is too much.

Those that don’t make it to rescue are doomed to a life of solitary confinement in a small hutch at the end of the garden, or even dumped and left to fend for themselves - usually ending in tragedy.

The impulse buying of rabbits during the Easter period has long been reported by rescues; they have to pick up the pieces in the weeks and months afterwards.

A UK-wide survey carried out by Make Mine Chocolate! during 2009-10 confirms that a large number of owners do not consider the long term commitment before getting their rabbit; in the region of 60% of rabbits entering rescue do so within the first year of ownership. Of these, 40% have been owned for less than 6 months.

 Sadly the impulse issue is not limited to Easter. Christmas, Valentines Day, films and other media/calendar events (including the Chinese New Year of the rabbit in 2011) are also likely to increase the impulse purchase problem."

House rabbit Society - Easter and Rabbits

Full article
"Contrary to Easter-time hype, rabbits and small children aren't a good match. The exuberance of even the gentlest toddler is stressful for the sensitive rabbit.

Children like a companion they can hold, and cuddle. That's why stuffed animals are so popular. Rabbits are not passive and cuddly. They are ground-loving creatures who feel frightened and insecure when held and restrained. The result of a short-sighted purchase of an Easter rabbit: the child loses interest, and the rabbit ends up neglected or abandoned."

Saturday, 9 April 2011

RWAF new article on Rabbit Digestion by Anna Meredith

The Rabbit digestive system - A delicate balance

By vet Anna Meredith,Head of Exotic Animal and Wildlife Service at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

USA - HRS & Rescue Chocolate unite for Easter campaign

Bunnies-Make Mine Chocolate! 

"Every year, rabbits are purchased as Easter gifts, and huge numbers are then surrendered to animal shelters when the rabbits get older and the excitement of Easter wears off. To break the cycle of purchase and abandonment, Rescue Chocolate has partnered with House Rabbit Society to promote “Make Mine Chocolate,” a campaign that encourages the purchase of chocolate bunnies for Easter rather than live rabbits. For more information about rabbits and how you can help, visit the House Rabbit Society website and the Make Mine Chocolate campaign."

RSPCA UK - Help needed for silent sufferers of domestic abuse

Pet fosterers urgently needed as demand surges

"Hundreds of families desperately need their pets to be fostered so that they can escape domestic violence.

Many people feel trapped in their situation because moving into temporary accommodation often means they have to leave their animals behind.

This is where our pet fostering service, PetRetreat, comes in. Through its network of fosterers, the service looks after cats and dogs belonging to victims of domestic abuse until such a time as they can be reunited."

Monday, 4 April 2011

Hopping Mad bunny magazine - Free and On-line

Bunny folk! Hope you enjoy our new free publication 'Hopping Mad!

Glasgow UK - New Rescue Service Struggles With Demand

Posted on Happy Hoppers forum
Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care, based near Glasgow in Scotland, started in December 2010 as a result of a desire to be doing more about rabbit welfare and the number of poorly treated rabbits in our area who had become abandoned or unwanted. Our initial attempts earlier in 2010 to start a full rescue centre had been denied by our landlord, and so not being ones to be deterred by mere practicalities we set to setting up a similar service utilising a network of foster carers and volunteers.

However, we have very quickly become to realise that there is a larger demand for services than there is capacity to manage, and our intention of starting off slow and small, gradually building doesn't fit with expectation within the area.

You can find out more about our sudden increase in demand on our blog.