Sunday, 17 April 2011

BUAV The Ugly Truth - Uncovered

*The following link contains distressing information, images and video footage* 

A major BUAV undercover investigation exposes the reality of life and death inside one UK laboratory

The story is followed up in the Sunday Mirror  17/4/11

"In November 2010, the UK Home Office released a report on Wickham Laboratories, Hampshire, which substantiated many of the findings of the BUAV's 2009 undercover investigation, The Ugly Truth.The BUAV's investigator worked undercover for eight months at Wickham Laboratories and secretly filmed the treatment of animals inside the facility.

Following our revelations, the Home Office report found breaches to the animal testing licenses issued to the company and infringement proceedings are being considered against it.

The report's key findings include:
  • Mice routinely died in cruel poisoning tests rather than being “humanely” killed by staff – a clear breach in the institution’s Government project license;
  • Staff incompetence in the way mice were killed led to their suffering – including the practice of neck breaking with a pen on the corridor floor; 
  •  Key staff did not carry out their legal responsibilities under the Animals Scientific Procedures Act, including the Named Veterinary Surgeon not ensuring rabbit welfare; 
  • Staff training in the monitoring and killing of animals was poor;
  • There was a lack of enforcement of available non-animal alternatives."

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