Saturday, 18 June 2011

Help Four Paws to stop battery farming (rabbits)

The Four Paws organisation have been campaining to stop the battery/intensive farming of rabbits in the UK, after succesfully exposing the state of some rabbit farms here.
There is an 'Early Day Motion' debate taking place in Westmister about this very subject soon.

If enough MP's signatures are gathered, MP's have more chance of persuading the Govt. to take this further.

Four Paws  is asking the concerned members of the public to e-mail their MP to request that they support the motion.

Details of how to do this (and see if your MP is already signed up, or not) are available at the Four Paws website

Hopping Mad co-authored a paper with Dr Anne McBride on farming rabbits for their summer edition, which covers many aspects of this debate in terms of welfare and resources. Please consider including this link, to provide your MP with more informed information on which to make a decision: have conducted a petition which has raised nearly 10,000 signatures to date. Please include this web link in your e-mail, which demonstrates the level of public concern: there is debate about the petition and campaign on the Facebook site:


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